360 Home Inspections


A new home inspection, also known as new construction or phase Inspection, is an invaluable service for any new home buyer. Buyers should seek a reliable third-party opinion regarding the quality and installation practices being utilized on their new home during the building process.

The new home construction process can . an unexpectedly overwhelming experience for anyone. Having a professional new construction inspector to help guide you through the home building process will absolutely bring value to your future purchase. You may wonder why you need an Inspection on a new constructions home that is supposed to come., warranties end assurance however you might he surprised at how many issues can be found by an unbiased outside Inspector Low-quantity building material, Incorrectly installed roofing or Insulation, and open junction boxes amp. some of things that can be missed.

Although many builders are great about completing repair work discovered within your first few monMs or living there, some are the opposite. After you close, they are no longer interested in what needs to he Iced and your name Is put at  the bottom of a long list.

With a new construction inspector helping you through, the building process. these issues will be found immediate and fixed before dosing.

  There are three opportunges during building when it is recommended to have your third-party inspector evaluate and report on the workmanship and construction of your new  home. The standard  3-phase, new construction inspection process is utilized to ensure that major defects within your home are not covered up. Knowing that your new home is being constructed in accordance with the  Residential Code (IRC) and is in total compliance regulation, will ensure your peace of mind. 

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