Is There Mold In Your Bathroom?

Is There Mold In Your Bathroom?- 360 Home Inspection in San Diego, CA

Got Mold?


Is There Mold In Your Bathroom?

Is there mold in your bathroom? One of the most unmistakable smells that you can find in your home is that of mold. This area is a likely spot where you might have mold developing. Usually it is a small room without much ventilation and plenty of sources of moisture. How can you make sure that you prevent mold from growing in your bathroom? What are the harmful effects of Mold


Controlling moisture and Maximizing Ventilation

Keeping the bathroom dry involves controlling moisture and maximizing ventilation. For ventilation, a properly working bathroom fan is very important. It needs to vent to the outside through a proper duct. Make sure there isn’t dust or debris building up in either the fan or the ductwork.


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If something is wet in your bathroom, make sure it is dried up as soon as possible. It might be better to hang your towels outside of your bathroom if they don’t seem to dry well inside it. Take care of any leaks whenever they appear, and if you live in an area where there is high humidity, take care that condensation doesn’t collect somewhere, leading to mold growth. Book a Inspection NOW!