Are you a homeowner looking to put your home on the market? Perhaps this is your first time buying and selling a home and no doubt, it is something stressful to think about. Most homeowners want to do all they can to their properties to make them more appealing to a buyer. This usually involves some painting and decorating, yard work and various needed repairs etc. all so that your home will have its best chance to sell quickly. However, even after all that money and effort spent to prepare the home to sell, the home buyers’ inspection could still reveal problems with the home that you were not aware of which might jeopardize the sale. So, what can you do?

This is where a pre-listing home inspection is a valuable asset. A pre-listing inspection is a comprehensive inspection of your property which allows you, the seller, to become aware of any issues your home has that you were previously unaware of. This way you know about any problems before a potential buyer does, putting you in a better position. Another advantage to having a pre-listing inspection is that this will appeal to a buyer and put you ahead of the competition giving you a better chance to sell your home faster.

Yes, a pre-listing inspection is one of the keys to successfully selling your home. Is it OK to hire any home inspector to perform the inspection for you? Not all home inspection companies are as thorough as they should be so check first that they are InterNACHI certified. This will ensure your home inspection is thorough and honest.

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