As a home inspector, I don’t specifically look for mold but when I find stuff that looks like mold, I report it as such. A mold issue is a moisture issue.


Bathrooms are humid places, and you end up with a lot of moldy-looking stuff. We find it behind caulk in showers, on tile grout, on walls, on ceilings… everywhere.

The best way to help prevent this type of mold growth in bathrooms is to keep humidity levels low. If you don’t have a bathroom exhaust fan, we recommend installing one. Also, be sure to operate your bath fan for a long time after taking a shower; typically 30-60 minutes. To make it easier to do that, I also recommend replacing traditional switches with a timer or a humidity sensor with a built-in timer.


We find a ton of moldy attics. Sometimes the staining in an attic isn’t mold, sometimes it is. Staining is a telltale sign that there’s a moisture problem in the attic. Moisture problems in attics lead to mold, stained ceilings, delaminated roof sheathing, and ruined insulation.

Behind Stored Items On Outside Walls

If you have a closet located at an outside wall and you pile a bunch of stuff against the wall, you’re moving the dew point. Or to put it another way, that stuff you’re piling against the wall is acting as insulation. You’re preventing the heat in your home from reaching the outside wall, so the wall stays colder, and you end up with condensation on the wall. That leads to mold growth.

The solution? Don’t store stuff against exterior walls. If you have a newer home with 2×6 construction, you’ll probably be ok. An insulated 2×4 wall will probably be ok too, but uninsulated walls are the ones that can really have problems.

Think your home as mold? We here at 360 Home Inspections offer mold inspections. Schedule your mold inspection today and get peace of mind knowing what condition your home is in.

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